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I have been tagged. This isn’t the sort of thing I usually go in for — if you ever send me a chain-email or a forward that demands I send it on to 100 of my closest friends, I’ll hit “delete” before I even get to the second line. But, I’m all for increasing traffic onto everyone’s blog, so I am happy to do this.

The rules are that I have to post 7 facts about myself, and then tag 7 of my blogosphere friends to do the same. Do I actually have friends in the blogosphere? Does anyone? Regardless, I’ll tag the authors of a few blogs I really enjoy reading. I hope you see this as a positive opportunity to increase the traffic to your blog, and an easy blog-subject for a day when your brain can’t come up with anything clever to say!

Fact-About-Me Number 1: As it turns out, when put on the spot to think of facts, my brain shuts down completely and I can’t think of a single one…

*goes away for awhile to think…*

*comes back*

Fact-About-Me Number 2: I have an obsession with all things fibre-related. It started when I started knitting. I just woke up one day, aged 19, and realised I needed to knit, even though I’d never knitted before. The need was just there, in my gut, and it has never left me. It’s almost like a drug. When I see yarn, I have to touch it. I stick my nose in it and take long breaths. I have a desire to chew on it, but I hold that back. It just takes me over and I don’t know why. As well as knitting, I also spin (as in, on a spinning wheel), weave, felt, full, and have just learned to crochet.

Fact-About-Me Number 3: And yet, I never learned to sew. Isn’t that weird? I want to learn to sew though. I really really do, but the barriers to entry are much higher than for knitting-et-al: you have to buy a machine for a start, and have the space to use it. I don’t have the money or the space at the moment, but I hope to after our move. I have a million ideas in my head, and I need to start sewing them up.

Fact-About-Me Number 4: I am an INTP. Totally, completely, right down to the ground. Understand that and you understand me. It is both a blessing and curse, but when I figured out what I was, it was such a relief because suddenly so many things made sense.

Fact-About-Me Number 5: I believe in the power of prayer. I can’t say how many impossible things I have prayed for and God has seen fit to grant me. Insurmountable hurdles have fallen flat to ground through focused, heart-felt, humble prayer. For me, the key to any praying to accept that God may not want to give me what I am asking for — so, I should go ahead and ask, but I should also be ready for the true answer to be that I must learn to deal with whatever I am praying about, and instead ask for God’s strength and guidance to get through the situation and to grow from it. Having said all that, I am a rubbish pray-er. My dad always taught me to try to solve my problems myself first and only then to come to him for help, and to come to him with well-thought-out options rather than childlike helplessness. And so, that’s how I approach praying to God: I don’t bring things up with him until I have exhausted every avenue I can think of, and then I present him with the options I think he has for helping me. It was how Dad likes to operate, but probably not what God wants me to do. Oh well, I try every day to get a bit better at turning to him. Some days I do better than others.

Fact-About-Me Number 6: I have been meaning to take a pottery class for, oh… nearly 30 years. We did pottery throwing in art class when I nine and I loved it. I’ve been meaning to learn how to do it every since. I love doing 3-D things with my hands (knitting, making jewelery, floristry, etc). I can’t do 2-D — I can’t draw — but I can do 3-D and I do it well. I really must take that class sometime before I die.

Fact-About-Me Number 7: I love weightlifting. Love it, love it, love it. You’d never know by looking at me — I am presently 2 stone overweight and laden with fat. Blech. But that’s what 3 pregnancies in 3 years will do to you, if you have no one to look after the babies so you can get to the gym. It’s driving me absolutely crazy. I am itching to get back, to put on my gloves, to hear the lovely clink of the weights, to sweat again. But I just have to be patient at the moment. I have no one to take care of the girls so I can go to the gym during the day, and my only other alternative — to workout at home before they wake up — will have to wait until I’m getting enough sleep to do it. I can’t make myself get up and work out at 8am, if I’d only managed 2 hours of sleep by the time I crawled back into bed at 7am. So that little voice inside my head that keeps asking asking asking if we can please go lift weights now will have to wait… but not too long. Soon, soon, soon, I promise. After all, I promised my husband that I would look like Elaine Goodlad by my 40th birthday and it’s fast approaching. When I told him that, his eyes lit right up. I knew instantly what he was thinking and quickly added, “I mean my body, not my face!” He hid his disappointment admirably.

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